We at Deli Delight Wakefield aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around West Yorkshire. Give us feedback.

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Martin, 16 Jan 2021

Just paid best part of £20 to be ripped off I asked for shake a cake delight an got vanilla ice cream with a little bit of ferrero rocher I wouldn’t mind but I wanted Oreo cake a shake

Dale, 04 Jan 2021

Very slow delivery

Isa, 03 Jan 2021

The seekh taste like microwave seekh.

Iqra, 01 Jan 2021

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Umar Barber, 16 Dec 2020

Delicious sweet treat. The pistachio ice cream was lovely with the Deli Waffle. Would recommend to anyone

Karen Palmer, 14 Dec 2020

easily ordered on line.

Paul, 12 Nov 2020


Keira , 11 Nov 2020


Megan, 06 Nov 2020


Megan, 06 Nov 2020

I like the food

Elisa, 18 Oct 2020


Elisa, 18 Oct 2020

I don’t have a comment

Elisa, 18 Oct 2020

I don’t have a comment

Elisa, 18 Oct 2020


Aneesah, 15 Oct 2020

Best take-away in Wakefield for quality and value. All the food is bang on especially the chicken steak, rice and salad no small portions plus a big range or desserts and everything I have tried has been delicious these guys know what their doing!

Fracker , 12 Oct 2020


Milkshake came spilt in the bag waffle had wrong and the total opposite things that I asked for on.

Jameel, 09 Oct 2020


Ella, 19 Mar 2020

Very nice and creamy milkshakes

Katie, 08 Feb 2020

Would be better if quicker delivery

Jack, 08 Feb 2020


Sam Swift, 29 Jan 2020


Mia, 25 Jan 2020

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Joshua Pryce, 22 Jan 2020

Very nice

Arsalan, 20 Dec 2019


Ella X, 06 Oct 2019

Need to have a loyalty card

Fatima, 03 Oct 2019